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Workshop Leaders

Special Thanks to...

Dr. Shariq Haider

MD, FRCPC, FACP, DTMH CCST (Internal Medicine, UK)

Associate Professor, Division of Infectious Diseases, Department of Medicine

Director, International Health and Tropical Medicine Clinic

Director, HIV/HCV Coinfection Clinic

Director of Research, Internal Medicine Residency Program

Director, Internal Medicine Residency Program

Co Chairs:

Aashish Kalani

Anasuiya Surendran

B2B Team:

Lisa Kim

Natalie Lidster

Mike Scott

Lakshman Vasanthamohan

B2B 2014 Team


Dr. Mohammed Panju


George Farjou - PGY1

Mithula Tharmabala - PGY3

Kalpa Shah - PGY3

Zeeshan Ahmed - PGY2

Faiza Khokhar - PGY1

Arthur Wong - PGY2

Rinu Pazhekattu - PGY1

Salman Chaudhry - PGY2

Anne Hu - PGY1

Andrew Mulloy - PGY2

Adam Mazzetti - PGY1

Gavin Mazzetti - PGY1

Alannah Smrke - PGY1

Roochi Arora - PGY1

Siraj Mithoowani - PGY2

Diana Ulic - PGY3

Bishoy Deif - PGY2

Leslie Martin - PGY3

Tiny Note

Book to Bedside 2014

November 1st, 2014

McMaster University

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